Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey Review

Ancestors is a game of survival where you and your tribe need to figure out the world around you by exploring, hunting animals for food or crafting items that will help evolve further into humans. The beginning can be tough because there isn't much information on how everything works but as soon as players get going they'll find themselves in awe at what this ancient simulation has planned for you.

The developers of this game are really good at hiding secrets. I’ve played for 50 hours now and only found one tip that was actually useful, which is why you should read on! There's something called an "indicator" in the lower right corner; it changes depending what actions need to happen next (like gathering supplies or finding people) it might not be clear sometimes doing those tasks would make more sense than waiting around just hoping things get better later down stream.

I know that, given what I now understand about the process of evolution and how it affects my body differently than before due to a change in diet or other factors such as age can make certain tasks feel rather frustrating. For example when an ape who was controlled by me during earlier stages while evolving his tolerance towards eggs suddenly forgets this information after getting old is strange!

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey | Screenshot

The common ancestors of apes in this game are fun at first, but it's hard to care about them when they're all so similar. Their animations look realistic and the way that each animal moves feels natural but there isn't much variety outside their names or what you do with them. They'll either die soon after being introduced or live for awhile with no further consequences.

The simplest things are often the most complex. In this example, it is proof that even when you remove all human intervention from breeding processes over just a few generations time - history can be lost forever because there's no individuality or complexity to an ape’s genetic makeup once they've bred together in order create new mutations which give their children special abilities at birth but only become available after triggering another generational advance via natural selection (or whatever process happens first).

The way you progress your lineage is a pretty standard skill tree, but it gets more interesting when we add in "neural energy" (aka XP). The lock-ins can be tricky to understand at first - there are some factors that determine how many of each type of locked advancement will fit within the limit set by our game's difficulty level.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey | Screenshot

The surprisingly large world (for which there is no actual in-game map, just landmarks to navigate off of) has kept exploration interesting. The lush jungle you start out in looks fairly pretty thanks to a diverse range of plant and animal life that I've managed so far on my journey; it’s also clear this place was built with puzzles at every turn—from discoverable landmark areas containing various scenic wonders like waterfalls or caves nearby…to paths leading around corners where unexpected adventures await!

The African habitat is a scary place, but once you learn how to avoid and fight back against the many predators there's no need for fear. The jungle cats are fierce although they can't compete with huge birds or crocodiles in size; what makes them dangerous are their attacks from behind which make this animal seem almost human-like!

When you're swinging from tree to tree, trying not miss any branches and stay up as long as possible it can be easy for your opponent (the predator) to catch onto what direction you're going in. That being said I found myself enjoying my time exploring these forests while still making sure never let myself become complacent.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey | Screenshot

Ancestors is more than just a survival game. It's about being mindful of your needs and staying strategic while managing all options to ensure that you near optimal in all areas and do not fall prey to enemies.

In order to evolve, you need a lot of babies. Unfortunately the act itself can be rather unsexy and boring when done through an ancestors' lens. Do we have to watch the birth scene every time?


The greatest challenge when playing The Humankind Odyssey's Ancestors is figuring out how the basic survival, crafting and combat mechanics work. Once you understand them they become mostly trivial but there are some interesting consequences that come from evolving your tribe's abilities which feels like an artificial drawn-out process. Even so, you might find yourself getting attached to some of these apes if you give the game a chance.


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