TurboGrafx-16 Stock & New Product Update



Cotton and Might & Magic 3 Coming Soon!

We will be adding two new titles to our TurboGrafx-16 Repro lineup soon to bolster our growing library of great games.

First up is Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams, the rare and highly rated TG16 Super CD shoot 'em up. The original it hard to find in the wild and very expensive.

The second new product is Might & Magic 3: Isles of Terra. Another rare TG16 Super CD. This RPG is not quite as expensive and sought after as Cotton but it is still very hard to find the original in the wild.

We also stocked up on a couple sold out items which many of you have been asking for, Magical Chase and Ys 4. Those are ready to go when you are!

We'll get the new games listed on the site as soon as possible, so watch for them!


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Hi Robert, yes we can make those but they are custom orders. For more info just send an email to ‘info@pjsgames.com’ and let us know the games you are looking to combine.



You can’t make the HUcard two in one games?

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