PC Game Digital Downloads Now Live!

PC Game Digital Downloads Now Live!

Peter Jason by Peter Jason | Dec 13, 2016
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PJ's Games - Digital Downloads

We've been working hard to upgrade the site to allow the purchase of digital games and now we're proud to announce that PJ's Games now supports PC game digital downloads!

We will be starting with PC games but will expand to Xbox One and PS4 as well. The process is completely automated so once you make your purchase you should receive your activation code within minutes if not immediately.

Games can be activated on popular platforms like Steam, Battle.net, Origin and Uplay. Before you buy your game on any of those platforms be sure and check us out first, we might have it at a cheaper price, sometimes 50% or more! For example as of the date of this blog post we are offering Fallout 4 for $21.14. It's more than double that price on Steam.

If you notice the prices fluctuating that is because the system is automated and always searching for the latest price which is always the lowest one!

We'll be adding new games every day so check back often, and if you're looking for a particular game just let us know and we will give it priority.

Check out the games! 

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