Back to the Future: The Game - FAQ

YES. Even though a game may no longer be available on the Steam store, existing activation codes for the game are still valid and can be redeemed and added to your Steam games library.

NO. The version offered on PJ's Games can only be run on Windows or Mac device.

YES. We have run the game on a Windows 10 device and have heard back from customers who have done the same, including those on Windows 11. Please note that compatibility cannot be guaranteed due to different Windows configurations and installed software.

NO. The game is 32bit and will not run on a 64bit Mac machine. To run it in that environment will require either a dual boot system to a 32bit environment or a 32bit VM.

NO. The game will only run on Windows and Mac devices.

If you're having a technical issue running the game and need help resolving the issue, the best place to post your issue is the Steam discussion board for the game. It can be accessed here: Steam Discussion

It depends on how long you spend in each episode, but generally it should take around 10-13 hours to complete the game.


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