Import Tuesday - BioHazard 2

This week for import Tuesday we're looking at BioHazard 2 for the PlayStation. Known as Resident Evil 2 in North America this survival horror game got great reviews when it was released in 1998. Being the second in the series, it takes place two months after the events of the
 first game.


An interesting aspect to the game is the ability to play through as two protaganists. The game comes with two discs, one for Leon a rookie police officer on his first day in the local force and one for Claire a college student looking for her brother. You can start with either character but it will effect how the other character story will progress.


The controls take a bit of getting used to but they work well for this type of game. The graphics hold up well and the sound creates a very effective atmosphere for the game. Another plus is the fact that the majority of the audio is in English, including the cutscenes so the story is easy to follow. It is definitely a game worthy of your PlayStation import collection!



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