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About the Game

Return of the Wanderers.

As Adol, hero of Ys Book I & II, your most fearsome new adventure is about to begin! The curse of the monster Demanicus terrorizes your friend Dogi's homeland. Chaos rules as blood-thirsty creatures threaten innocent lives. Only you have the courage and strength to defeat them! Gather your fiercest swords and deadly amulet to battle these horrific creatures with a thrilling new action view. Survive the fiery depths of Alcaino. Conquer the terrifying Nekevil. But stay alert, brave Adol! The fury of Demanicus awaits your final epic struggle!

Key Features

  • 5 major areas to explore.
  • Fast and furious side scrolling action with spectacular CD graphics and music.
  • Game disc has been professionally created and will not damage your console.

Prices for an original copy of Ys III are becoming expensive and harder to find so this reproduction provides an inexpensive way to experience the game.

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