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The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds Remodel SNES Super Nintendo game, includes game cartridge only. Cleaned, tested and comes with a FREE cart protector!

A mysterious ‘Parallel Tower’ has appeared. What mysteries does it hold? There are seven maidens that know the secret of how to access the tower and unlock it's secrets.  Draegor, the king's advisor has killed the king and interrogates the maidens, disposing of them after he has the information he needs.  Only one maiden remains – Zelda. Take control of Link and infiltrate the Hyrule Guard House and rescue Zelda to begin your adventure! This remodelled version of Parallel Worlds includes 6 years of revisions making the gameplay more approachable for players but make no mistake this is still a challenging adventure that will require your full attention to complete.

This game is built and assembled in Canada using all-new components, including the cartridge casing, no donor carts were harmed in the making of this game. The game also features a battery back-up that can be easily replaced without worrying about soldering.

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Fact Sheet

INCLUDES: Cart protector and game cartridge
GENRE: ActionAdventure
PLATFORM: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES
REGION: NTSC (North America)
RATING: Ages 8 and up
PLAYERS: Single-player
UPC: 648620966629


While this cartridge is not officially licensed, it has been built to the same specifications as an officially released Super Nintendo game. The contacts on the game cartridge have the same thickness as a regular Super Nintendo game so it will not put any undue stress on the console slot or internals.
Yes, the cartridge includes a battery backup system. Even though the battery should last several years it can be easily replaced.
Yes, we've tested this cartridge on the original and mini/junior versions of the Super Nintendo. It is also compatible on newer systems like the Retron 5 and Retro Freak and should also work on the upcoming RetroBlox.

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