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Tatsujin Reproduction TurboGrafx-16 game, includes case, insert and HuCARD. Cleaned, tested and comes with a FREE case protector!

The evil Gidans are about to invade the Borogo system, their armada of giant asteroids are approaching and they have to be stopped. You must infiltrate and destroy no less than five large enemy facilities and take down swarms of alien ships and all kinds of ground units. Your space fighter comes equipped with a default  Vulcan gun (Power shots) and two more weapons are available for the taking - the blue lock-on lasers (Thunder Laser) and green blasts of energy (Tatsujin Beam). Do you have what it takes to defeat the evil Gidans?

Tatsujin was never released for the TurboGrafx-16 and prices for the PC Engine version are steep and will require an adapter to play. For those looking to play on original hardware without spending a ton of $$$ this is the perfect solution. These high-quality reproductions look and play great and the custom cases will fit into any retro collection. Don't miss the opportunity to play this great shoot 'em up on the original hardware the way it's meant to be played.

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Fact Sheet

INCLUDES: Case protector, game case, insert and game HuCARD
GENRE: Shoot 'em up
PLATFORM: TurboGrafx-16, TurboExpress, TurboDuo
REGION: NTSC (North America)
RATING: Not Rated or Rating PendingNot Rated or Rating Pending
PLAYERS: Single-player
UPC: 648620966780


While this HuCARD is not officially licensed, it has been built to the same specifications as an officially released HuCARD. It has the same thickness as a regular HuCARD so it will not put any undue stress on the console HuCARD slot or internals.
We chose black for a couple reasons; first we think they look cool, second we try to promote the fact that these are reproductions so this helps in that area as well. They are available in white but that is a specialty order, please contact us if you would like one in white.
Yes, these cards have been tested on all official North American Turbo systems, TurboGrafx-16, TurboExpress and TurboDuo. They should also work with systems such as the Retro Freak and upcoming RetroBlox.



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