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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon English Reproduction






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This is a Super cd-rom2 game and requires either the super system card or a turboduo to play.

Runs on:
  • TurboGrafx-16
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About the Game

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, now available in English for your TurboGrafx-16 CD and TurboDuo!

Play as one of five popular Sailor Guardians in this original story visual novel. The story is shared between the five characters but depending on who you choose, the point of view will change. The animation and voice clips throughout the game are in a very similar style to the anime and the voice work is provided by the voice actors from the 90s anime series. All text has been translated to English and spoken dialogue is fully subtitled. Sailor Moon fans who were unable to play the Japanese original will want to give this a play.

  • All text translated to English
  • Spoken dialogue and song vocals fully subtitled
  • Game disc has been professionally created and will not damage your console

If you're a Sailor Moon fan and not fluent in Japanese you can now play this fun visual novel game that has been translated to English.

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