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Popful Mail Reproduction

Popful Mail Reproduction
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Get ready for one of the funniest action RPGs on the Sega CD!

Kazyr, Necros and Ulgar. Popful Mail's world was nearly destroyed by ghosts from the past. The Black Seal is being broken to allow them to return to wreak havoc on the world. Three ragtag adventurers are the only hope to stop the second coming of Evil. As you seek the maniacal Muttonhead who holds all the answers, play as Mail, a tomboy bounty hunter wannabe, Tatt, an ultra-polite apprentice magician with a deadly staff, or Gaw, a winged, blue blob with breath-of-fire. You can change your character at any moment during your quest! Nuts Cracker, along with the minions of evil, will do anything to stop your party in its tracks! Popful Mail is a multimedia masterpiece thanks to the storage capacity of CD. It contains over 2.5 hours worth of dialogue and 20 minutes of heart-pounding animations. You're going to be hooked up until the credits roll, so get ready!

  • Fully compatible with all Sega CD systems.
  • Game disc has been professionally created and will not damage your console

Working Designs put a lot of humor into Popful Mail which helps makes up for its linearity and length.

©1994 Working Designs

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