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Hagane The Final Conflict Reproduction SNES Super Nintendo game, includes game cartridge only. Cleaned, tested and guaranteed to be gaming ready when it arrives at your door!

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Only one man alone stands to save the world from the KOMA-clan and their plan to destroy the world. His name was "HAGANE". The lone survivor of the FUMA-clan, which was massacred by the KOMA-clan. Brought back from the fringe of death and given a cyborg body, "HAGANE" swears vengeance against the KOMA-clan.

Hagane is an action-oriented platformer, featuring five stages, divided into several sub-stages, filled with lots of enemies, jumping puzzles, mid and end bosses. The titular main character can perform double jumps, jump off walls, use four different weapons, slide over the ground, somersault to dodge attacks and use several different special attacks.

Prices for an original copy of Hagane are astronomical so if you're looking to play this great game on the original hardware this is a very economical solution. This game is built and assembled using all-new components, including the cartridge casing, no donor carts were harmed in the making of this game.

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INCLUDES: Game cartridge
GENRE: ActionPlatformer
PLATFORM: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, SNES
REGION: NTSC (North America)
RATING: Rated Kids to AdultsKids to Adults
PLAYERS: Single-player
UPC: 648620966698


While this cartridge is not officially licensed, it has been built to the same specifications as an officially released Super Nintendo game. The contacts on the game cartridge have the same thickness as a regular Super Nintendo game so it will not put any undue stress on the console slot or internals.
Yes, we've tested this cartridge on the original and mini/junior versions of the Super Nintendo. It is also compatible on newer systems like the Retron 5 and Retro Freak and should also work on the upcoming RetroBlox.


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