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About the Game

Gekisha Boy, now available in English for your TurboGrafx-16, TurboDuo and TurboExpress!

Originally released for the PC Engine back in 1992, Gekisha Boy is an action game combined with shooting gallery aspects. You control a photography college student who has been tasked by the dean of the school to capture newsworthy photographs, the stranger the better. This will take you through various levels with many pop culture references in each. You will have to avoid obstacles while still capturing the photos the dean is looking for. It has a strange graphical style but the colors are rich and any game with Spiderman, King Kong, Michael Jackson and the Back to the Future DeLorean has to be good right?

  • All text translated to English
  • Game HuCARD has been professionally created and will not damage your console

A game for those budding paparazzis out there, don't miss your opportunity to snap Spiderman and King Kong!

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