The XCOM Series

[lookbooks action="new lookbooks"][lookbooks action="new banner" background="" image="" name="THE XCOM SERIES" number="2 Items" description="The series began with the release of UFO: Enemy Unknown in 1994. The game was loved by strategy game enthusiasts and the series continued until 2001 after which there were no releases for over a decade. In 2012 a reboot titled XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released to critical and commercial success. Check below to see what is currently available."][lookbooks action="end banner"][lookbooks action="new category" title="AVAILABLE XCOM GAMES"][lookbooks action="new product" handle="xcom-enemy-unknown-complete-edition-pc-download"] [lookbooks action="new product" handle="xcom-2-steam-cd-key"][lookbooks action="end category"][lookbooks action="end lookbooks"]
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